Letkeman Familie

Die Letkeman Familie mit Schwiegersohn Johann Martens in Olgafeld, Furstenland.
Die Letkeman Familie mit Schwiegersohn Johann Martens in Olgafeld, Fuerstenland. Von links Johann Martens (1885-1935) (#705653), sitzend seine Frau Maria Letkeman (1886-1965) mit ihrem Sohn Johann; Peter Letkeman; Jacob Letkeman (1893-); Oma Helena Loewen und Opa Jakob Letkeman...
Originaltext von Edward Krahn auf englisch:

My mother Elisabeth Krahn did provide a list of the people in the photo
Starting in the left
1. Johann Martens (Elisabeth Krahn's parents)
Wife Maria Letkeman
And their son Johann
2 Peter Letkeman
3 Jacob Letkeman
Oma and Opa Letkeman
Oma was a Loewen
The three girls at the bottom are left to right
Justina, Sarah and Tiena Kruger they all married brothers
Tina is the mother of Annie Pauls, Olga Reimer and Peter Kruger
Gerhardt and Tina and Johann and Maria had a double wedding in October 1905
Gerhardt died in the twenties with blood poisoning in his foot
Tina died at Letkeman's in St Catherine
4. Lena Epp Sister to the boys she died in the first year of her marriage.
5 The tall one is David who family came to Tugaske before they went to B.C.
I remember him he always had to stoop to go through the door.
6 Abraham Letkeman
7. Gerhardt Letkeman and wife Tina Janzen and two children.
At the bottom is Jake Letkeman St Catherine's.

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